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After months of pondering, I went with the Django Wagtail CMS. I'm using StreamFields over RichTextFields mainly because the former makes it easier to insert blocks of formatted code (via the CodeBlock plugin).

I really liked the idea of a totally static site, so went with Wagtail-netlify to achieve this.

I've pushed the entire site to github, including the sqlite db. Perhaps a next step is to use a github Action to automate the push of updates to Netlify.

Frontend wise, I'm using Bootstrap4 for reasons of familiarity. I'm using BootSwatch's Darkly theme as it most closely resembles the Darcula theme I spent the majority of the day buried in. I'm using Pycharm to develop the site.

    import pkg_resources
    installed_packages = [d.project_name for d in pkg_resources.working_set]
anyascii appdirs appnope argon2-cffi arrow asgiref backcall beautifulsoup4 bibtexparser boto3 botocore certifi cffi chardet cryptography decorator Django django-appconf django-bakery django-compressor django-debug-toolbar django-environ django-extensions django-filter django-model-utils django-modelcluster django-snippet-image django-stubs django-taggit django-treebeard djangorestframework draftjs-exporter et-xmlfile factory-boy fake-useragent Faker free-proxy fs future html5lib idna ipdb ipython ipython-genutils jdcal jedi jmespath l18n lxml mypy mypy-extensions openpyxl parso pexpect pickleshare Pillow pip prompt-toolkit ptyprocess pycparser Pygments pyOpenSSL pyparsing PySocks python-dateutil python-dotenv python-slugify pytz rcssmin requests rjsmin s3transfer scholarly selenium setuptools six snippet-image soupsieve sqlparse stem tablib text-unidecode traitlets typed-ast typing-extensions Unidecode urllib3 wagtail wagtail-bakery wagtail-metadata wagtailcodeblock wagtailnetlify Wand wcwidth webencodings Werkzeug whitenoise Willow xlrd XlsxWriter xlwt