andytwoods — about

engineer psychologist


  • Django developer for 10 years creating various apps for different startups
  • Preferred tech-stack:
    • Latest release of Django + cookiecutter
    • Postgres
    • AWS (Zappa / EBS). Docu looks interesting.
    • Favourite packages: Tables2, Crispy-Forms, WhiteNoise, WagTail, FactoryBoy, Zappa, Django-Extensions, DebugToolBar, Django-Filter, Django-HoneyPot
    • Minimal javascript (intercooler.js rocks)
  • Creator of research software allowing Psychologists to do crowd-powered research online (ES6)
  • Enjoying Google's cross platform Flutter
  • Keen Raspberry Pi and Arduino maker (strong focus of this blog)


  • 11 first-author papers. Contributed to 80+ papers: Google Scholar.
  • PhD in 2004 on ‘Multisensory Perception’ from Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Postdocs, on face-perception (TCD), early-stage detection of glaucoma (Bangor), and multisensory food perception + neuroscience (fMRI; Manchester)
  • Worked in industry for 5-years in the Netherlands (Unilever)
  • 7-years in the startup world being involved in several startups.
  • I am now Engineer Psychologist at StoryFutures. I spend my time creating interactive virtual / augmented reality experiences, and assessing their audience impact via perceptual psychology.

I'm a keen runner and on my CV I specify I won the Donegal Marathon in 2010. I don't say that it was in actual fact the Donegal Mooathon (cow dressup).